produced and written by Craig Grant Hollenback and Hy Conrad

the synopsis

A dramatic, thriller about a Cuban family torn apart in the chaos of the 1980 Mariel boatlift. Lola, pregnant with their daughter, winds up
safe and free in Key West while Raul is forced back to Cuba
on the run from a trumped-up murder charge.
In pursuit is Centano, the ruthless police chief whose life was also
ruined on that fateful day off the coast of Cuba.
Twenty years later, Lola manages to send Raul a love letter, along with an invitation to the wedding for the daughter he’s never met. Determined to redeem his life and walk his girl down the aisle, Raul stops running and turns to the remnants of his Cuban family for help. Together they build a boat made entirely from junk then set out to cross the
ninety miles of shark infested water.
Their saga becomes a tale of endurance that is made even
more perilous when they rescue a stranger at sea.
Will the stranger sabotage their plans?
Will Raul and his family survive the crossing?
And if Raul does make his way to freedom, will Lola still be waiting?


Victor Centano


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